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Clickutility follows the PR and communication activities on behalf of Spin8, an Italian innovative startup and university spinoff that is working to lead the development of an open, interoperable, digital EV charging network that is accessible and responsive “to where people go to” and bridging Internet of Things. With Spin8, we favoure the growth of the recharge infrastructure through installation, aggregation and integration of new and existing recharging points. The first charging station by Spin8 was located in Milan on December 2015 within the Parking Garage of Via Ariberto, 4: it is the first fast charging station to be positioned into the city center of an Italian city.




Sharing & New Mobility

New shared mobility is changing our cities paradigms providing new comfortable, trendy and  environmental friendly mobility opportunities. A new lifestyle for metropolitan areas and towns that will change our habits.

Parking & Public Transport

Public transport and parking systems are integrating in the overall urban mobility system. New technologies opportunities, software and Apps provide more efficient and digital customer experience.

Electric Vehicle Business

Electric mobility is well recognized as main innovation driver, not only for technology or environmental components, but more for the opportunity of a positive changing in the overall public and private transport system.


Automotive is one of most traditional industry ever and it’s going to completely change in the next ten years. Following small tests and pilot projects, big players created business unites, corporate divisions or newco, in order to provide value to innovation and to increase their services with new customer experiences.