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Since 2014 we are responsible for Car2go Communication, PR and Press Office activities in Italy, when they launched the innovative car sharing service in Milan in September 2013. Clickutility on Earth handles communication operations in all cities where the services started in Milan, Rome, Florence and Turin. We built important media partnerships and collaborations with main newspapaers, journalists and companies specialized in the field of mobility and sharing.




Sharing & New Mobility

New shared mobility is changing our cities paradigms providing new comfortable, trendy and  environmental friendly mobility opportunities. A new lifestyle for metropolitan areas and towns that will change our habits.

Parking & Public Transport

Public transport and parking systems are integrating in the overall urban mobility system. New technologies opportunities, software and Apps provide more efficient and digital customer experience.

Electric Vehicle Business

Electric mobility is well recognized as main innovation driver, not only for technology or environmental components, but more for the opportunity of a positive changing in the overall public and private transport system.


Automotive is one of most traditional industry ever and it’s going to completely change in the next ten years. Following small tests and pilot projects, big players created business unites, corporate divisions or newco, in order to provide value to innovation and to increase their services with new customer experiences.